Customer Testimonials

“Everyone was questioning whether we’d make test being it was performed in the evening; however, I was told that it was a success. I met your guys on location Saturday evening. Really nice guys and they represented you guys well. Should be many more to follow. Thanks again for all your help!”

Whitetail Oilfield Services

“Marlon/Gwen, I would like to thank and recognize the crew you had on the Noble Energy Flash Gas Compression Module, due to their hard work and extended hours we have finished all hydro test needed for mechanical completion. They worked in an efficient and professional manner; the hydro test packages put together by Brennon at completion of the project will make a very professional impression on our client as it did to myself. We could not have done this project without them. Job well done, completed without any incidents, we look forward to working with you in the future. Thank You”

Grand Isle Shipyard

“Mr. Pink you have been selected to participate in ISN Contractor Usability Group. This Group will consist of 7 to 11 selected contractor participants, out of 38,000, whom we have strategically selected and will serve to provide feedback and observations that are SEMS and Training Qualification (TQ) focused”

Congratulations to M&J Energy Services Pipeline Division for completing over 200 miles of
pipelines this year.

Marlon "Shorty" Haynes,
Business Development