About M&J Group

M&J Energy Group is a limited liability company located in Louisiana. Our valuable experience and strong company vision makes us a competitive pressure testing and torque service company in the oil industry.

M&J Energy Group has the core competencies necessary to provide quality pipeline services and products. Our highly-trained and productive team is focused on providing superior customer service and reducing or preventing the amount of downtime needed at your company. We work closely with every customer from start to finish to ensure the accurate and timely completion of all projects. M&J Energy Group is focused on having your company up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. We focus on building strong relationships with our customers by providing honest, dependable, quality customer service.

Safety at M&J Energy Group
The safety and health of M&J Energy Group, LLC employees and the protection of the environment lie at the foundation of our efforts to build a strong and safe organization. The welfare, health and safety of M&J Energy Group employees is held in the highest regard by the management team. M&J Energy Group provides our employees a work environment that’s as free of recognized hazards as is possible and practical. The goal of the safety and health process is to prevent accidents and injuries, preserve the equipment, and the achieve safe working practices. Since our start in 2006, we have been primarily incident-free and have not had a case resulting in days away from work.

It is our intention to comply with all local, state and federal safety requirements and/or appropriate industry standards. Reducing accidents and related unnecessary losses will help us to be more competitive in our industry, thus helping to safeguard our jobs.

Current Safety Statistics

  • Green rating for chevron GoM
  • 100% compliance RAVS
  • 0 recordable incidents over the last 3 years
  • EMR below 1.00